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Firstcaution your best rental guarantee

Save money

Firstcaution offers the best conditions in the market

You will only pay from the day you move in during the 1st year, not all year long.

From the 2nd year, the amount of your premium will be equivalent to 5% of the amount of the security deposit (plus federal stamp duty and 20.- CHF administrative costs).

When you move out, we will pay back to you upon request your premium since the date when you left.


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Rent your home without putting 3 months' rent into a deposit account.

Use your money as you want.


Sign up and receive your security deposit the same day

It is easy and rapid to sign in. We will process your application and send to your real estate agency or lessor the security deposit certificate.

Don't pay until you have received your security deposit. An invoice will be sent to you later.


Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA

The security deposit which we deliver is secure.

We work with the most reputable real estate agencies in Switzerland.

In case of damage, we will pay as soon as we receive supporting documents signed by the tenant and real estate agency/lessor.

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