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Firstcaution - a partner attentive to your requirements

Firstcaution, a flexible partner

We adjust to the demands of the market. Our rental security deposits cover the requirements of individuals and legal entities.

For commercial leases, we do not set any limited amount. We issue rental security deposits for all fields of activity. Each application will be carefully examined and a personal offer will be submitted.

Firstcaution - a partner attentive to your requirements

Partnership is based on communication. We are ready to discuss and come and meet you if you want to.

A simple and efficient solution

When offering your tenants to take out a Firstcaution security deposit insurance, you choose a simple and efficient solution for the management of your leases. Our deposits are rapidly issued and our releases are optimised. It takes less time to get a security deposit or get your payment in case of damage - this is the Firstcaution commitment.

Firstcaution, a reliable partner

Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA, and a security deposit specialist.

We deliver security deposit certificates which have the same value as a bank deposit.

Firstcaution, a committed partner

As a partner, we promise to

    • Offer to your tenants the best conditions for their rental security deposits
    • Deliver our deposit certificates as rapidly and as simply as possible
    • Release security deposits rapidly in the case of damage. We guarantee optimum responsiveness when settling claims. A complete record means that money can be released for you immediately.

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