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How does it work?

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The procedure for your tenants:

  • 1.Fill in the form available in your agency or sign in on
  • 2.Attach a copy of identification paper (+ residence permit where need be), copy of the lease
  • 3.We will process the application and send you the original of the security deposit certificate. A copy will be sent to the tenant

Procedures for termination:

Our security deposits may only be terminated upon the request of the real estate agency or lessor in writing.

For the release, please send to us the original copy of our security deposit certificate signed overleaf by the tenant(s) with the date and amount of damage.

You want to offer your tenants the opportunity of opting for a Firstcaution security deposit?

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We will offer you to sign a cooperation agreement in which you can find a number of benefits for your organisation.

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