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Get your Firstcaution rental security deposit rapidly

Opting for a versatile product

We offer a versatile solution to freeze part of your rental security deposit in the form of a deposit kept by us and take out a Firstcaution security deposit insurance for the remaining balance.

Get your Firstcaution rental security deposit rapidly

As soon as we receive your application, we examine it and guarantee great reactivity. We systematically analyse applications from commercial tenants in a customised way. We know that deadlines can be short and we promise to give you an answer as rapidly as possible. The offer will be built on the basis of the information which you sent to us and discussions or correspondence between us.

Don't freeze the money of your company

Sie haben Räumlichkeiten für Ihre Geschäftstätigkeit gefunden und Sie müssen dann eine Mietzinsgarantie stellen. Sie haben sich für die Firstcaution-Lösung entschieden und verfügen damit über Ihr Bargeld zwecks Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Firma. Firstcaution deckt 100% der Kosten ab, die Ihr Vermieter geltend macht im Fall eines Schadens bzw. bei unbezahltem Mietzins, bis zur Höchstgrenze des auf Ihrem Mietvertrag aufgeführten Geldbetrags.

A 100% reliable guarantee

Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA. A Firstcaution security deposit is as securing for your lessor as a bank surety, except that it's simpler.

For all amounts and all fields of expertise

Firstcaution imposes no restrictions - whatever the amount of your security deposit and the field of activity in which you work, we can deliver the security deposit certificate for your premises.

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