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How to get your Firstcaution rental security deposit

Instructions, rental guarantee for a commercial lease
  • 1.Fill in the registration form
  • 2.attach documents required
    • Lease or draft lease
    • Identification paper of company representative
    • Financial statements for the previous financial years or business plan
    • Any document attached which you consider as relevant for the examination of your application
  • 3.We will examine your application upon receipt and contact you where need be
  • 4.we are sending to you a customised offer
  • 5.we deliver your rental security deposit and send the certificate to your real estate agency or lessor

For any question on your security deposit application for a commercial lease, you can write to us at

What is a rental security deposit?

You have found premises for your business, you are about to sign the lease and your lessor or the agency which represents the lessor is asking you to provide a security deposit.

The security deposit is money which the lessor or real estate agency can use to pay the cost of damage caused by the tenant during the term of the lease or to collect rent arrears after the tenant has left.

With Firstcaution, you can give this deposit to the lessor or agency without having to put money into a bank deposit account and freezing such money.

The Firstcaution security deposit

Your business needs its cash to develop, don't freeze this money in a deposit account.

Firstcaution delivers a security deposit certificate which is equivalent to a bank deposit for your lessor. So, your business can use its cash the way it wants to.

A custom-made solution will be offered for each application

You will pay an annual premium determined on the basis of the information which you sent to us

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