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You are insured, your lessor is reassured

Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA.

Your Firstcaution security deposit is as securing for your lessor

Firstcaution rental security solutions will cover your agency or lessor the same way a bank deposit would, but you get extra flexibility and responsiveness. We handle all applications with great care, in a timely manner.

Whether you may be an entrepreneur, store-keeper, restaurant owner, Doctor....., don't freeze the money needed for your business for your rental security deposit, opt for Firstcaution

Just fill in your Firstcaution rental security deposit application step by step - it's easy and there are no strings attached.

Registration and receive your certificate the same day

You need a rental security deposit to launch or develop your business? Firstcaution will meet your requirements.

Whatever your area of expertise, or the amount of your rent, you can apply for a Firstcaution rental security deposit.

  • Our registration steps are easy to follow.
  • Our answer is reactive.
  • We offer a bespoke solution.
  • We offer you a bespoke policy to provide support to you in an optimum way.
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